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One platform

to rule them all.

Butterpaper is a one stop solution for any SMEs tech needs.

We will build apps for you. Native and web.

We will help you manage your inventory.

We will give you real time updates on your last mile deliveries.

We will give push your products on all the marketplaces.

We will seamlessly integrate you with all the SaaS platforms.

Why, you ask?

So that you can focus on the one thing that matters.

Your business.

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no code

Stuff you would find on almost all other platforms

the bare necessities

webstore. products. categories. variants. addresses. inventory. locations. location based pricing. customer management. refunds. returns. cart. checkout. payments. banners. push notifications. sms gateways. last mile deliveries.

Here's the stuff you need to become

top 1% of internet

Rome wasn't built in a day,

but your apps can be.

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Build powerful native apps in minutes. Upload your product catlog, select the area in which you want to serve and you're good to go. Not just that, we've automated deployment too - so that you don't have to trouble yourself with the developer consoles of Apple & Google. Needless to say that you get save on developer license fee.

You don't need to purchase apps for


Sell any digital or physical product as a subscription on your app. No need to buy third party software. Your customers can customise the subscription to suit their needs. Set it once, sit back & relax. Their purchases get automated on the click of a button.


Stories > Products

introducing Smart Labels

Customers don't buy products, they buy stories. Harness the power of blockchain traceability to bring out the story of your brand. Print customised smart labels with a QR code that can make your entire supply chain transparent. Showcase the journey of your products at the time of consumption and entice your customers to repurchase in a subtle but powerful way.

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Centre all transactions around your own

white labelled wallet

Your own currency can go a long way when it comes to retaining customers. Increase customer loyalty by using your very own wallet fully integrated with your app. 


Because sharing is caring

customised referrals

Every business is unique and wants to incentivise referrals in their own way. Our fully customisable referral module covers all use cases. From one time rewards logic builder, to recurring rewards based on transactions - we have covered them all.

Native Apps
Smart Labels
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