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Lost In Space is an annual fellowship offered at Butterpaper for senior year (final year) university students. Selected candidates get full-time roles at Butterpaper - to build the future of traceability - once they graduate (or even if they don't – we don't care about grades or degrees, really). We don't care about the college you're from or the course you're enrolled in. Or even your GPA/percentage, for that matter. We only look for one thing in an ideal candidate: CURIOSITY.

As a part of the fellowship, you get to join us on a paid internship that goes on till you're ready to join us full-time. During the course of your internship, you can work on any project(s) of your choice. No one will tell you what to do. You can experiment as much as you want, and there are no negative points for failing at something. In the past, we've had fellows learn so much in such a short span of time, that they joined us full-time even before graduating. Experimenting works.

Interested? Send us your resume at aj@butterpaper.tech along with a cover letter on why you're the right person for this fellowship.

Last date to apply for the W21 batch is 30 Nov '20.

Full-time Opportunities

Full Stack App Developer

As a member of the tech team you'll be expected to take ownership of different projects, work with clients and deploy solutions. Problem solving should come naturally to you and you shouldn't shy away from a challenge - no matter how big.

You should be well versed with these technologies,
*React, Reducer, Context API
*Node JS
* React-Native
* GraphQL
* Problem Solving
* Working with Github
* Experience with Firebase integration

You should be able to write and test modular, efficient code. You would be expected to participate in planning and executing projects. You should have adequate knowledge of typescript, notifications, design patterns & best practices.

Please apply only if you live and breath tech. More than a gifted techie, we're looking for a passionate one.