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the average age of an Indian is

the average age of an Indian farmer is

28.4 years.

50.1 years.

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why such a HUGE difference?

because agriculture is no longer a lucrative business

and the youth is no longer participating in it because


low margins

for agricultural produce


no pride

in agriculture anymore


low production

due to small landholdings

what's the solution?

reduce costs and increase production by building FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisations)

and what do FPOs need?

input supplies
b2b sales
expert guidance
storage & infra


The government and large agri enterprises are already working to solve these.


watch this video to see how Butterpaper

fixes them for FPOs

Doing our bit

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for the world

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Increasing income of small scale producers.


Increasing proportion of agri area under sustainable agriculture.


Increasing the proportion of informal employment in non agri sector (women).

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building farmers' very own brand using

smart labels

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Ever since I started selling selling our FPO's produce with traceability labels, revenue has increased by 30%. Because we're now selling a majority of our produce directly to e-com brands instead of mandis (wholesale markets).

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Rameshwar Verma    

Secretary - Dangheel Farmer Producer Organisation

Solan, Himachal Pradesh

50% off on all Butterpaper products for
registered FPOs

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