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One ring to rule them all!


The only software you'll ever need to run your own D2C brand.

Products, Locations, Hubs, Inventory, Last Mile Deliveries, Analytics, Customers, Wallets -  Brown can handle it all. It's the only software you'll ever to need to run a tight D2C operation.

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Super fast deployment!

Your own white-labelled native app, taken live within 3 to 7 days.

You don't need 3 months to take your mobile apps live. Brown can deliver a best in class user experience in just 3 days. On top of that it helps you save a ton of money by not hiring an in house tech team.

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Traceability - lite

A no-hardware affordable approach to farm-to-fork traceability.

Traceability doesn't have to be expensive. We've integrated a no-hardware module that enables your brand to digitally show who grew the produce, where it was grown, and how was it grown at the point of purchase.

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Subscriptions & Pre-Orders

Automated purchasing for your customers.

Do your customers buy certain products at a regular frequency? Do you want your customers to pre-order products that haven't launched yet? Say no more, Brown lets you do that and more.

Perks of getting butter'd

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Free Updates

Each time we build a new feature, you get it free of charge.

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Analytics Dashboards

You know your data best. We present it exactly the way you like.

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Save on Costs

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Automated Emails

Say no to buttering up a tech team. Butterpaper is all you need.

Get your reports in your inbox whenever you want.

In-house tech team? Not needed anymore.

Give your customers a smooth, immersive user experience. Custom-built for your services.

Wanna get butter'd?

+91- 7011409988

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