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Profitable traceability

Traceability, powered by blockchain, creates a unique proposition for your farmers' collective.

Food consumers demand food transparency & safety, sustainability, and animal welfare. They prefer brands they can trust. So far, most brands have just been serving up promises using food labels & ads. It's time for brand owners to take responsibility for the entire value chain, from farm to fork, and to prove they've got an honest and superior food product. Move aside, empty words.

Brands collaborate with us to create a strong positioning with trust and transparency. Our strategy is simple: to engage with the end-consumer directly & deliver an outstanding user experience at the most important touch points to increase retention & repurchase behaviour. 

That’s what Butterpaper Black module seeks to achieve. Along with boosting User Experience and engaging with end-consumers at their critical lifecycle events – point-of-purchase as well as point-of-consumption. By scanning a simple QR code, consumers can interact with the brands to know more about time & place of origin, and farming practices along with quality parameters – right at the moment of truth.

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Ever since I started selling selling our FPO's produce with traceability labels, revenue has increased by 30%. Because we're now selling a majority of our produce directly to e-com brands instead of mandis (wholesale markets).

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Rameshwar Verma

Secretary - Dangheel Farmer Producer Organisation

Solan, Himachal Pradesh

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in action

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