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14 days free trial

Take your business online in minutes. It works like magic.

Android. iOS. Progressive Web Apps. Smart Labels.

building apps

You don't need a tech team for

build the app of your dreams in
3 simple steps

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Step 1
Give your store a name

What's in a name? A lot!
Give your store a name, upload your logo and you're all set to become a part of the internet royalty.

Step 2
Tell us what you want to sell

Books, grocery, clothes, video lecture subscriptions... sell whatever you want. No restrictions.
Upload your catalog on the click of a button and you're set for an adventure. :)

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Step 3
Get busy selling!

Your store is born. This is the first day of your new life. Seamlessly deploy your store on the web, android and iOS. You're now ready to build the business of your dreams.

why settle with just a web app? 

Build and deploy native apps for mobile in minutes.


not just apps, a whole lot more!

Choose from hundreds of in built modules and build a tech ecosystem that your business needs.
















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branding is all about
building an identity.

uses Butterpaper across India to make their supply transparent.

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as easy as setting up  your Instagram.

Being a serial Foodpreneur I have tried out multiple ways of creating e-commerce apps. I have hired agencies. I have tried out around 4 other no code low code platforms. Only at Butterpaper I was truly able to set, optimise and manage everything without engaging people with tech background.



Rajat Singh,
CEO - Burgerwalas Group

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  • Do I need to know coding in order to build apps on Butterpaper?
    Not at all. Building apps on Butterpaper is as simple as setting up your Instagram.
  • How much time would it take for my apps to go live?
    Your apps can be deployed as soon as you upload your catalog and brand details. Web app would go live instantly. Apple and Google take around 2-3 days to approve an app of their stores.
  • Do I need to purchase developer licenses for Apple and Google developer consoles?
    No. Butterpaper seamlessly deploys apps through our own developer licenses. There's no need for you to incur extra costs.
  • Is Butterpaper just a consumer app development platform or this there more to it?
    Building apps instantly is just one of the many things we do. The idea behind Butterpaper is that an SMB should not need an in-house tech team. Which is why we have all sorts of modules to manage inventory, last mile deliveries, accounting, workflows, upstream & downstream analytics etc to manage the chaos on backstage.
  • Can I get customised analytics dashboards?
    Yes. Butterpaper is seamlessly integrated with Google Data Studio and Metabase. You can set up a call with our support team, explain them the metrics you want to track and they'll deliver a dashboard customised to your business needs in 2 to 3 working days.
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Buttterpaper is a part of United Nations Capital Development Fund Agritech Program. This is a joint initiative of Government of India and United Nations which would accelerate us in Asian & African markets.


Expert DOJO is a proud investor in Butterpaper.  Based on the tremendous growth of the company since we invested and the consistent relentless execution of the founders I am in no doubt that this company is going to go far.  In my opinion the timing of this solution could not be better and the potential is endless.  In short we are a very happy investor.

Brian MacMahon
Founder & CEO, Expert Dojo


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build the app of your dreams.
get butter'd!

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